A homeless woman discovers $1 million in a garbage bin, returns it to an unappreciative owner who then ejects her — today’s headline.

An arrogant businessman, Mr. Carter, rudely dismissed Edith, a homeless woman, after she returned his misplaced $1 million. Several years later, karma caught up with him.

Edith, a former pastry chef who fell into homelessness after losing her family and home in a tragic fire, found solace in working at an animal shelter. One day, she discovered Mr. Carter’s lost money near the shelter bins and returned it to her boss.

Despite Mr. Carter’s callous response and disdainful treatment, Edith’s integrity didn’t go unnoticed. Her boss, impressed by her character, offered her a full-time job and encouraged her to start her own pastry business.

With determination and support, Edith’s pastry business thrived, while Mr. Carter faced his downfall due to his arrogance. Meanwhile, Edith found fulfillment and happiness in her newfound path.

After careful consideration, Edith launched her own business, which flourished rapidly. Within two years, she expanded to three outlets across town, earning widespread renown.

One day, Edith landed a substantial catering contract for a businessman’s event, only to discover it was at Mr. Carter’s residence. Confronting him, she canceled the dessert order and donated them to the homeless, leaving Mr. Carter humiliated amidst his guests’ sympathetic glances.

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