A royal expert delivers a heartbreaking assessment of Kate Middleton, accusing the palace of failing to protect her.

Kate Middleton faced backlash after a manipulated photo of her and her children on Mother’s Day surfaced, leading several news outlets to retract the image. This incident triggered criticism aimed at Middleton and the palace for their perceived failure to protect her.

Royal commentators defended Middleton, placing blame on the palace and her spouse for the situation. The lack of a response from Kensington Palace fueled speculation about Middleton’s well-being, despite recent polls indicating that her popularity remained strong.

While some critics faulted the palace for mishandling the situation, others praised Middleton for her transparency in addressing the matter. Throughout this challenging time, Middleton exhibited resilience, reflecting her previous comments about handling criticism and adapting to royal life. However, uncertainties persist until Middleton makes her next public appearance.

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