A UCLA director has made a shocking claim online, alleging that Kate Middleton is falsely claiming to have cancer.

Kate Middleton’s health became a topic of global interest, marked by speculation and culminating in a surprising cancer diagnosis.

Speculation about Kate’s health had been circulating online for months, with some rumors reaching extreme levels. A seemingly innocent Mother’s Day photo, later revealed as doctored, added fuel to the rumors. Even after her cancer diagnosis was announced, some remained skeptical.

In a sincere video message, Kate finally addressed the public about her health. She disclosed that her cancer was discovered during surgery in January and shared her plans for preventative chemotherapy, expressing gratitude for her family’s support.

The announcement sparked a media frenzy, with the BBC receiving criticism for their extensive coverage. However, they defended their approach, citing the significance of the news and public interest.

After the announcement, Kate retreated to Anmer Hall with her family, seeking privacy and time to heal.

Johnathan Perkins, a UCLA Director of Race and Equity, contributed to conspiracy theories about Kate’s health online. His comments on social media questioning her cancer diagnosis and whereabouts sparked outrage. UCLA distanced themselves from his views, and a royal expert denounced his actions.

Supported by the public and focused on her recovery, Kate hopes to return to her royal duties once she regains her strength. While the future remains uncertain, Kate is united with many others in the fight against cancer.

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