Actress Candace Cameron Bure and her family faced criticism for their behavior at a wedding, prompting a response from the actress.

Candace Cameron Bure, who captured hearts worldwide at just 10 years old, has solidified her name in the entertainment industry over the years. Recently, the Full House star has focused on her faith, actively engaging with her social media followers and sharing family snapshots. However, a debate was sparked among commenters when she posted pictures of her family at a wedding.

Candace and her daughter Natasha stood out in vibrant red attire, while husband Valeri Bure and younger son Lev Bure looked dashing in suits. Her other son was absent as he was away at college.

Wearing red to a wedding raised eyebrows, with one user suggesting it could steal the spotlight from the bride. Candace responded by saying there are different style rules in Los Angeles, with a winking emoji.

Another user mentioned that red is considered a wedding faux pas, but Candace reiterated that anything goes in L.A., noting that there were multiple women in red dresses at the event.

Criticism also extended to her husband and son’s attire, particularly their lack of socks. Candace defended their style choices, stating that everyone enjoys fashion differently and that unsolicited opinions are unnecessary.

The negative feedback affected Candace, leading her to add a note to her post, reminding followers to mind their manners and refrain from detracting from the enjoyment of social media sharing.

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