After he underwent a procedure for an enlarged prostate King Charles’ was diagnosed with cancer.

Buckingham Palace announced on Monday that King Charles III received a cancer diagnosis subsequent to undergoing a procedure for an enlarged prostate. However, the statement did not specify the type or severity of the cancer.

“In the course of The King’s recent medical procedure for benign prostatic enlargement, a separate health issue was identified. Subsequent diagnostic assessments have revealed the presence of cancer,” the palace declared in a press release.

Although the specific type of cancer remains undisclosed, the palace affirmed that Charles does not have prostate cancer.

While an enlarged prostate is typically unrelated to cancer and is prevalent among older males—approximately 80% of men over 70 experience it—Charles, who turned 75 in November, opted for a transurethral resection to alleviate associated symptoms such as urinary difficulties and nocturia.

Dr. William Oh, Chief Medical Officer of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, explained that this procedure involves the removal of excess prostate tissue to improve urinary flow.

Dr. Christian Pavlovich, a urology and oncology professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, highlighted the potential for detecting cancer in adjacent areas like the bladder or urethra during this procedure.

Dr. Justin Friedlander, a urologic oncology professor at Fox Chase Cancer Center, added that bloody urine may signal kidney or ureter cancer.

Furthermore, cancerous tissue unrelated to the prostate may occasionally be discovered during prostate surgery, suggesting a more advanced stage of cancer originating from other organs.

Dr. Julio Pow-Sang, Chair of the Genitourinary Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center, emphasized the rarity of encountering cancerous tissue during a procedure for prostate enlargement, noting that most cases are benign.

While Buckingham Palace did not specify the exact nature of Charles’ procedure, describing it only as “corrective,” the King has commenced regular outpatient cancer treatments in London.

The palace conveyed Charles’ gratitude to his medical team and his optimism regarding treatment outcomes, expressing his eagerness to resume public duties upon completing treatment.


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