Following the tragic death of Kelly Preston, John Travolta dedicated himself to raising their children.

John Travolta faced one of life’s greatest challenges with the loss of his wife, Kelly Preston, to breast cancer in 2020. Since then, he has devoted himself to raising their children, Ella and Ben, with unwavering commitment. Travolta and Preston shared a deep love and a beautiful family, marrying in a secret ceremony in 1991 after a romantic proposal in Switzerland. Preston, known for her roles in films like “Jerry Maguire” and “For Love of the Game,” kept her battle with cancer private before her passing at 57. Travolta also endured the loss of their eldest son, Jett, in 2009.

Despite offers from friends to set him up, Travolta is not currently seeking a new relationship. He is focused on supporting his children and navigating his grief. Travolta recently appeared in a Super Bowl commercial with Ella, highlighting his commitment to family. Ella, following her father’s footsteps, has pursued acting, and Travolta takes pride in her accomplishments. He often shares moments of their lives on social media, celebrating their milestones and cherishing their bond.

Travolta’s recent decision to list their Maine vacation home for sale signifies his shift in priorities, as he remains rooted in his Florida estate, where he finds comfort in family and cherished memories. Despite the challenges, Travolta remains grateful for the love and support he has received, emphasizing the importance of legacy and the enduring impact of loved ones.

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