Introducing Bigi Jackson, the offspring of the renowned pop icon, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was a prominent figure in Hollywood, famously hailed as the King of Pop. Renowned for his exceptional dance moves and innovative music, his songs were groundbreaking and served as inspiration for many other pop artists.

Now, let’s shift our focus to his children, particularly Bigi Jackson, formerly known as Blanket. Bigi inherited a considerable amount of talent from his father and bears a striking resemblance to him. With an intriguing life story, we’ll delve deeper into his background shortly. But first, let’s touch upon Michael’s marital history and his other offspring.

Michael Jackson entered into matrimony three times. Initially, he wed Lisa-Marie Presley, daughter of the legendary musician Elvis Presley. However, their union was short-lived, culminating in divorce in 1996. Subsequently, Michael married Debbie Rowe, a nurse and acquaintance, with whom he had two children: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (known as Prince) and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Nevertheless, this marriage also ended in divorce in 1999.

Michael also had another child, whose mother was a surrogate, hence her identity remains unknown. This child was named Prince Michael Jackson II, born on February 21, 2002, five years after Michael Jr. There was some ambiguity surrounding the naming of his sons, as both were referred to as Prince at different times. However, Michael Jr. is commonly known as Prince, while his younger brother was officially named Prince on his birth certificate.

Blanket, or Prince Michael Jackson II, largely remained out of the public eye throughout his upbringing. However, as he has grown older, we are gradually learning more about him. His nickname “Blanket” originated from his father’s habit of covering him in a blanket while in public, as a gesture of love and protection.

Now 21 years old, Blanket goes by the name “Bigi” Jackson and bears a striking resemblance to his famous father, Michael Jackson. His features, particularly his deep-set eyes and prominent cheekbones, evoke comparisons to Michael.

Since Michael’s passing, Bigi has faced considerable challenges. Losing his father at the tender age of seven profoundly affected him, leading to periods of silence due to overwhelming sadness.

Unlike his famous father and older siblings, Bigi has opted for a different path. Rather than pursuing a career in music, he has set his sights on filmmaking. Residing in Calabasas, California, at 21 years old, he is actively pursuing his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

In a 2012 documentary titled “Jacksonology: Our Story,” Bigi expressed his aspirations of becoming a director. He fondly reminisced about making home movies starring his siblings and cousins, a hobby he is passionate about, and one that appears to have received encouragement from his father, Michael Jackson.

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