Megyn Kelly has urged people to boycott Taylor Swift following the singer’s participation in a charity event for Gaza.

Taylor Swift’s attendance at a Gaza fundraiser stirred up controversy when she appeared at a charity event in Brooklyn aimed at raising funds for humanitarian aid in Gaza. The event, organized as a stand-up comedy show by Ramy Youssef on December 8th, directed all proceeds towards the American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera).

Megyn Kelly, known for her conservative views, criticized Swift for her participation. During her SiriusXM show, Kelly accused Anera of displaying bias against Israel and urged Swift to issue an apology.

Some of Swift’s fans also expressed disappointment with her decision, suggesting that she should have expressed support for Israel instead. However, others defended Swift, arguing that her intention was to assist those suffering during the conflict.

This controversy sheds light on the intricate nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the dilemmas celebrities encounter when navigating such polarizing issues.

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