Meta Stock: Over $100 Price Move Expected in 2024.

Now, a dividend-paying company, Meta, has surged to an all-time high stock price following its Q4’23 earnings report, surpassing expectations. Meta exceeded both earnings-per-share and revenue forecasts, reporting $5.33 EPS on $40.11 billion in revenue. Additionally, it surprised the market by declaring a quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share, payable on March 26, 2024.

Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth has soared, propelling him into the top-five richest people globally, overtaking Bill Gates, thanks to Meta Platforms’ impressive earnings rally.

The announcement of a cash dividend by Meta’s board of directors signifies a significant milestone for the tech giant, marking its transition into a more mature stage. With this development, Meta may attract more dividend-oriented investors.

Furthermore, Meta reported robust advertising demand in Q4’23, with a 16% year-over-year revenue increase, a trend that might persist in 2024, especially with major events like the United States election and the Paris Olympics on the horizon.

Meta’s impressive performance has garnered newfound attention from traders and investors who may have previously overlooked the company, particularly following its latest earnings call.

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