Motherhood is a journey filled with remarkable highs and lows, whether you’re an adoptive mother or a birth mother. The most crucial thing a child requires is love.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, once considered Hollywood royalty, ended their marriage in a highly publicized split, raising questions about their children’s well-being. Religion, particularly Scientology, appears to be a significant factor in the strained relationship between Nicole and her adopted children, Isabella and Connor.

Nicole and Tom married in 1989 and while Nicole yearned for children, she experienced heartbreak with an ectopic pregnancy. They adopted Isabella in 1992 and Connor in 1995 through Tom’s affiliation with Scientology.

However, their seemingly perfect life began to show cracks, leading to Tom filing for divorce in 2001. Isabella and Connor stayed with Tom and continued their involvement with the Church, which created a divide between them and Nicole.

While Nicole initially embraced Scientology, she distanced herself from the religion later on. Reports suggest that Tom and the Church may have influenced Isabella and Connor’s perceptions of their mother.

Publicly, the relationship between Nicole and her adopted children seems strained, with award speeches and social media interactions lacking mentions or exchanges. Despite this, both Nicole and Connor have expressed love for each other, indicating a desire for reconciliation.

Isabella, now an artist with a fashion line, remains devoted to Scientology. Connor, once an actor, has shown an interest in cooking, often sharing his culinary adventures on social media. Both siblings are private individuals, occasionally making public appearances.

Isabella and Connor reportedly have no relationship with their half-sister, Suri, and remain dedicated to their beliefs and pursuits. The future of Nicole’s relationship with her adopted children remains uncertain, with past experiences and differing beliefs continuing to influence their interactions.

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