Susan Sarandon, aged 76, responds gracefully to criticism about her outfit.

Susan Sarandon, an iconic figure known for her acting prowess, is revered not just for her on-screen talent but also for her genuine authenticity off-screen.

Despite facing criticism for her choices, Sarandon has used these moments as opportunities for enlightenment. Her career in Hollywood spans decades, with memorable roles such as Janet Weiss in the 1975 cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and her Oscar-nominated performance in “Thelma & Louise.”

A champion of body positivity, Sarandon boldly expresses herself through her fashion, unapologetically supporting causes she believes in.


At a recent red carpet event, Sarandon made waves by wearing a white jacket paired with a black bra, a choice some deemed “inappropriate.” Rather than engaging in verbal defense, Sarandon responded with a powerful image: an old photograph of herself confidently posing in her underwear, asserting her self-assurance. This move effectively silenced critics and reaffirmed her agency over her own image.

Sarandon embraces aging gracefully, focusing on what truly matters to her. She emphasizes the value of cherishing time and surrounding oneself with vital, courageous, and adventurous individuals.

Regarding her beauty routine, Sarandon advocates for laughter, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and sun protection as crucial elements of aging well. She also acknowledges the contributions of skilled makeup and hair professionals in helping maintain her appearance over the years.

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