The financial struggle faced by Kate Middleton’s family during her battle with cancer.

During Catherine Middleton’s cancer treatment, her family faces financial difficulties stemming from the collapse of their business. Despite this, Carole and Michael Middleton prioritize supporting their daughter, shielding her from financial concerns as she focuses on recovery.

Party Pieces, the Middletons’ business, entered administration in June 2024, leaving significant debts. Despite receiving a taxpayer-backed loan during lockdowns, the business struggled, ultimately closing due to financial challenges.

The Middleton family’s financial troubles extend to owing NatWest $278,146 from a COVID-19 loan, with taxpayers bearing 80 percent of the remaining balance. Despite efforts to save the business, Party Pieces was sold through a pre-pack administration deal in June 2023.

Catherine’s association with Party Pieces dates back to before her marriage to Prince William in 2011. Carole remains committed to supporting her daughter, shielding her from financial stress during her chemotherapy.

Amidst the royal family’s other challenges, including the king’s cancer battle, Carole’s dedication to her daughter’s well-being remains steadfast. Christopher, a royal commentator, emphasizes Carole’s commitment to aiding her daughter through this difficult period, highlighting their strong bond.

The family currently resides in Adelaide Cottage in Windsor during Catherine’s cancer treatment, seeking privacy and a sense of normalcy. The public response to their choice of residence has been supportive, with many applauding their desire for privacy and simplicity during this challenging time.

Adelaide Cottage provides a serene backdrop for the family, offering a retreat from the public eye as they navigate Catherine’s cancer treatment. Despite the challenges, the Middleton family remains resilient, focusing on supporting Catherine through her health battle.

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